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Risk Assessment For Winter Wise Ice Grips

The Health & Safety Management Manual Holder for each service / department should ensure that a suitable & sufficient risk assessment is undertaken for slips, trips & falls.

Snow & Ice Grips

These snow / ice grips are designed to be placed over the sole of your shoes to provide a degree of protection from slips & falls when walking over snow / icy conditions outdoors.

This is regarded as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These may be identified as a control measure however we are required to;

· Avoid the need for PPE, using only when other controls aren’t suitable

· Select PPE to fit users and protect them adequately

· Inform / train staff on when and how to use the PPE properly

· Check that PPE is used appropriately and record any issues / maintenance                   etc.

· Review periodically how well it protects against the hazard

· Ensure adequate stock of PPE is available Procuring / Ordering

It is the responsibility of the Health & Safety Management Manual Holder to identify suitable controls required as part of the risk assessment process. This may include snow / ice grips however the equipment selected must be suitable and adequate for the tasks undertaken and the environment they are used in.

Snow and ice grips are for use in cold weather conditions that results in snow / ice underfoot and therefore give a degree of grip while walking on such conditions.

Fitting Instructions

· It is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions in full when putting on, using and removing the grips.

· As a guide – wearers should place the grippers on the ground - grips facing down, place the front of your shoe in first and pull the gripper on.

· Ensure the grips are safely and securely on covering the full shoe. Precautions

· The wearer should ensure that the grips they are using are in good condition, fit appropriately and are effective. Report any issues / incidents to your line manager.

· The snow / ice grips will improve traction on several outdoor winter surfaces including snow, ice, mud and rock.

· The ice grips must always be removed before coming indoors.

· Remove before driving vehicles and cycling.

· Not to be used when climbing ladders / step ladders or other access equipment.

· Extreme caution should be used on any hard or polished surfaces such as steel, ceramic or polished granite.

· Ice grips cannot prevent all slips or falls and caution should always be taken when walking on ice or snow underfoot conditions.

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 (as amended) sets out duties on employers to ensure that PPE is:

· Supplied and used at work wherever there are risks to health & safety that ­­­­cannot be adequately controlled in other ways

· Properly assessed before use to ensure it is suitable

· Maintained and stored properly

· Provided with instructions on how to use it safely and

· Used correctly by employees

These snow grips conform to EN ISO13287:2007